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Welcome To Elite Gamer Till I Die

This is the home of Elite Gamer Till I Die (EGTID / ETID)
If you are interested in being a part of our community then please feel free to join our forum, it's free and only takes a short while to register. After activation by a member of the admin team you will be able to start posting and say hello. We also have a Teamspeak 3 server that most clan members can be found on, in the evenings.
If you don’t have Teamspeak 3 there is a link in the Tech forum where you can download it. If you are having problems with the setting up of Teamspeak 3 then please post in the forum and one of our members will gladly assist you. We do have a TS3 join link on the right of the page, just enter your username / handle and click connect this will bookmark our Teamspeak server for you and connect you all at the same time.

We currently play the following:-

  • ARK survival evolved

  • Arma 3

  • Battlefield 1 (we play them all)

  • Call Of Duty Black Op’s 3 (we play them all)

  • Call Of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare)

  • Cicvilization 5

  • Crysis 3

  • Dirt 4(We play most of them)

  • Fallout 4

  • Far Cry 4

  • Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Grid Autosport

  • Killingfloor 2

  • Minecraft

  • Need For Speed (most of them)

  • Playerunknows Battlegrounds

  • Rainbow 6 Siege

  • Rust

  • Star Citizen

  • The Division

  • War Thunder

  • 7 Days To Die

  • Unlike most other clans who recruit all the top players we accept even the newest "noob" as long as he / she is a true gamer. It is not uncommon to see the "noob" of today go on to be the "Elite" of tomorrow. We are first and foremost a clan of Gamers, not game players, but GAMERS.The difference being we are all passionate about our games and strive to provide an online gaming environment that is friendly, supportive and very competitive all at the same time. Online Gaming can be annoying at times with server versions and punkbuster issues [EGTID] are here to help and guide you in any respect of online gaming.

    Being a Clan member has added advantages too, you would gain access to our member boards where we give hints and tips on improving your gaming and team play, plus access to our Download file system

    So if you feel that you would like to be a part of EGTID join our forums and say hello. Then just ask “so then how do I become a member” it’s as easy as that We are always on the lookout for mature gamers who play clean & fair. If you are one, you’re more than half way to becoming a member already.


    We always played in a squad (in BattleField 2 & 2142) and called it Elite so I thought why not register Elite Gamer Till I Die as a clan and invite people to join who had the same gaming values as myself we are a community of mature, like-minded gamers who use in-game communications such as,Teamspeak 3. So we can talk to each other in-game.

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