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« on: July 26, 2017, 00:28 »
Here is the collection of mods that we may use ourselves or may be required by clients if they join a server of ours that is running a modded game :)

Just click the on the image to be taken to its Steam page and then login to steam and start clicking the green + signs Arma 3 Steam Collection

To look into any reports made we will need the information below to be included in any report

  • Server Name & or IP
  • rough time that it took place
  • and a detailed report about said incident

RUST / Devblog 149
« on: February 26, 2017, 22:55 »

Devblog 149

Pull on the Heavy Plate Armour and decorate your base with bears, chairs, tables, and rugs. Also, maps now show landmarks and Vending Machines, naked players who have weapons will be highlighted, you can add guest codes to your base, and more.


Shopfront Fixes Maurino Berry

Shockingly the Metal Shopfront had very few bugs that needed fixing. The weird flamethrower exploit is now fixed, and its balance is equal to that of a sheet metal wall. I’ve also made some improvements! Firstly, you can now right-click to deposit items in the shopfront as both customer and vendor. Also I’ve added a small delay after both people have pressed Confirm before the trade completes. This makes the experience less jarring, and gives you a chance to really, really be sure.

Peacekeeper Improvements Maurino Berry

After running my shop for a week I realized that the Peacekeeper Turret needed a little bit of work. Water Bottles, Bota Bags, Buckets, and Rocks are no longer considered hostile items to the turret, so you won’t be blown away by pulling one of these out. However, if at any point you deal any damage to anything you will immediately be targeted. I feel like this is a good trade-off: troublemakers may get one shot off, but they’ll be taken care of right away. I also fixed a bug where players would continue to be marked hostile even after respawning. Lastly, the Sentry Gun has a laser sight. Stay safe.



Public Beds Maurino Berry

Gross, but check it out: I’ve added an option on beds where you can make them Public. If a bed is Public it means anyone can walk up to the bed and take it over. Then they own it. It’s similar to assign to friend but allows that process to happen if you’re not around. A good place for these to be used would be near shops or if you wanted to set up apartments. You can also set them to be private at any time.

Unity_2017-02-23_12-57-48 Unity_2017-02-23_12-58-36 Guest Codes Maurino Berry

You can now add a guest code to your Code Lock! When someone enters the guest code, they will be able to open and close the door but nothing else. They can’t unlock it, change the code, or take the lock off. I feel like this will be useful for a variety of reasons, maybe you can grant someone provisional access to your large furnace room for a fee? Should be interesting.

Heavy Armor Maurino Berry, Taylor Reynolds

I’ve worked up a really rough implementation of the Heavy Armor. I added a new feature to support it: the ability for armor to dictate max movement speed. Each piece of the heavy armor you wear slows you down a bit, down to a total of about 30% loss when fully equipped. It does a pretty good job of protecting you, but it’s very vulnerable to heat damage and makes you pretty cold in the arctic biome. It’s probably UP or OP, but I’ll fix it all next week. I really have to go through and adjust the Metal Facemask/Chestplate now to make sure everything has a purpose in the game as some of our costs vs protection values are all out of wack. I also really need to add more ways that armor can have positive or negative effects on the player, such as movement noises, helmets that partially occlude your view, etc. I’ll see what I can do over the next few weeks.

20170223180831_1 20170223180942_1

Caveman Sash Maurino Berry

I whipped this together for the patch, but it’s only the first step toward showing items on people’s backs, etc. Basically, if you ever touch a hostile item you become marked, and your character will display a Caveman Sash, instead of being completely naked. This resets when you die. Now at least you know when someone is bullshitting you when they say they ‘just spawned’ and ‘trust me, I really don’t have a Waterpipe’. Next week I’ll do some investigation into displaying the actual items on the player models. Enjoy!

20170223203635_1 20170223181213_1

Vending Machine Changes Maurino Berry

The Vending Machine now has the same strength as an Armored Wall. I’ve also added a helpful feature that displays the amount of item being sold per sell order. This means if you’re selling 10 wood for 1 stone you’ll see this reflected on the screen. There are some minor changes too, such as a neat little light animation on the keypad, and some layout fixes so the icon doesn’t overlap the screen text.

Monument Map Markers Maurino Berry

It’s better this way, trust me.

Vending Machine Map Markers Maurino Berry

Here’s the deal: Vending Machines now have an option to ‘Broadcast Position’. When enabled, they will show up as a little green dot on everyones map. Existing Vending Machines need this toggled on; new ones will broadcast by default. This is probably a temporary feature while I try and figure out a more generalized way of getting markers on the map. Stay tuned!

Comfort Deployables Damian Lazarski, Vincent Mayeur

This week role-players, ahem, we welcome some additions to decorate your home and make it more comfortable. In this batch of new items you will find two types of rugs, a table and chairs.

cozy_002 20170223133857_1

To enjoy comfort from your rugs you have to stand on them. While table and chairs work akin to the campfire with a subtle radius of coziness.

Terrain Detail Changes Diogo Teixeira

It finally came my attention that some players were using the super low quality terrain mode, aka potato mode, as an advantage in order to have a cleaner view of items on the ground. Because of this, I added a high frequency texture overlay to potato mode in order to simulate generic ground detail and break the smoothness. Hopefully it will make it a little harder to see objects, just like in higher quality modes.

I did my best to leverage performance here and it should perform the same as before. Here’s a preview comparing the noisier potato against a couple of other quality modes:

Foliage Wind Animation Diogo Teixeira

Worked on the foliage shader a bit this week to add tree/bush-style matching wind animation to our custom overgrowth elements. This won’t be in this week but will be included when the new foliage system is deployed.

Wood Armour Rework Taylor Reynolds

I’ve started giving the Wood Armour the same treatment the Bone Armour had – or more specifically, making it look like something that might actually offer you some protection. Paul’s done a lot of great concepts for it over the past, so I’ve got a lot of material to work with. I’m just about finished on the torso high poly and the turnaround on the rest should be pretty quick where I’ll be able to reuse boards, in a similar fashion to the Bone Armour I’ll be combining a lot of the boards into a single low poly piece so we can keep it looking detailed and interesting without having a performance hit.

Impact Effect Optimizations André Straubmeier

Particle effects and decals from weapon and projectile hits were spawning extremely far away. This could completely destroy performance on high population servers with a lot of active gunfire. I’ve reduced the spawn distance of decals to 30 meters and particle effects to 100 meters. This solves the problem for now, but I’m sure we can do an even better job with this in the future.

Batch Multithreading Progress André Straubmeier

I’ve spent most of the week testing and optimizing the multithreaded mesh batching system. The good news is that performance is starting to get to a pretty good point, which makes me hopeful for the upcoming foliage system. The micro stuttering when walking around massive bases is also pretty much eliminated, which was the point of moving the workload to threads. The bad news is that it’s not stable enough to go live this week.

World Models Alex Webster

We know there’s been issues with picking up these newfangled world models, and some players have wondered why change at all? Simply put, it’s just part of the plan to not have lame burlap sacks for every item. Unfortunately for smaller items it’s caused you needless pain in picking them up. For now, enjoy the comedically large Sewing Kit and we’ll aim to improve things. By maybe adding a ghost outline when you’re aiming at pickups or something like that?

Player Animations Minh Le

I completed the third-person animations for the MP5, LR300, and the Semi-Auto Rifle.

I also added a set of walking animations in preparation for the Heavy Armour. The armour will make the player walk a bit slower, so Helk asked me to make some proper walking animations (as opposed to the current system which just plays the jogging animation slowly).

Physics Sounds Alex Rehberg

I spent some time improving physics sound playback this week. Previously, we were just sending a soft/medium/hard effect to the client (since item physics are simulated on the server) when a physics impact happened. This worked okay, but it felt lame when something fell two inches and still made a big clunk. The volume of these sounds should feel a lot more natural now.

I’ve also created a bunch of new physics sounds to go along with the new world models we’ve got. Most of these are based on existing item UI sounds, but they’re a bit shorter and more percussive.

I recorded some new source material for a few items that will be used for some more new item ui/physics sounds next week too.


Improved playback of item physics sounds
Added new physics sounds to a bunch of items
New Bear skin rug deployable
New common rug deployable
New chair deployable
New table deployable
Fridge is easier to place, lock position correct, destroy on ground missing
Twig and stone floors are flat (no more intersecting with deployables)
Fixed damage on Jack O Lanterns
Optimized impact particle effect and decal render distances
Increased size of some world models
New gunpowder world model
Codelock world model
Wooden spear optimisation & prefab cleanup
Fix for offset ak world model
Fixed performance regression related to anisotropic filtering
Fixed flamethrower going through shopfront
Shopfront has small delay before trade is confirmed (less jarring)
Fixed shopfront being able to be double stacked
Shopfront has same health as sheet metal wall
Can right-click to move items into shopfront inventory (both parties)
Player Hostile status no longer persists between deaths (peacekeeper)
No longer show crosshair when aiming at the non-usable part of an entity
Water bottle no longer hostile to peacekeepers
Bota bag no longer hostile to peackeepers
Bucket no longer hostile to peacekeepers
Rock no longer hostile to peacekeepers
Any damage dealt to anything marks players hostile to peacekeepers 
Vending machine screen icon no longer clips text
Vending machine screen displays stacksize of item for sale
Vending machine has same health as armored wall
Monuments are labeled on the map
Vending machines have broadcast option to display on everyones map
Fixed ceiling light moving the wrong way when shot
Vending machine has small light animation on keypad
Heavy Plate Armor added - slows movement
Codelocks can have Guest codes - no unlocking only opening
Added laser sight to sentry turret
Added Caveman sash to any player who touches any hostile item (until death)
Beds can be made public - anyone can then take it over

RUST / Devblog 148
« on: February 17, 2017, 03:56 »

You can now safely trade behind the Metal Shop Front, and store your food and decorate your base with a fridge. There’s a look at the AI system, some nerfs, some buffs, and more.  

Metal Shop Front: Maurino Berry

Safe trading in Rust has arrived! The Metal Shop Front provides the kind of feature that has been in MMOs for decades: the ability to safely trade items with another player.
RustClient_2017-02-16_13-33-45 RustClient_2017-02-16_13-33-56 RustClient_2017-02-16_13-35-06
Each player, one on each side of the shop front, opens its inventory. They both put their desired trade items in and press accept. When both parties have accepted, the items will be deposited in the other player’s inventory. If you hit the cancel button, or if the inventory is modified in any way after you’ve pressed accept, the trade will not complete. I’ve tried hard to make it exploit-proof, so let me know ASAP if someone figures out a way to steal items! A few other things to note: the glass is bulletproof, and if you press Tab or Escape to get out of the trade window quickly, all your items will automatically be re-deposited in your own inventory. I hope this leads to more cooperation and trading now that you don’t have to risk your life and all your items trusting some random person who wants to “trade”.

Vending Machine Changes + Fixes: Maurino Berry

I fixed a bunch of bugs with the Vending Machines. For starters, you can no longer use Alt Look to look around and gain access to the other side of the machine, sneaky! Q no longer closes the menu (making it impossible to type High Quality Metal), I’ve added a little ‘Vending’ busy panel, and the purchase sound is now serverside so everyone can hear it. Vending Machine icons now show the skin of the item being sold. This feature slipped through the cracks last week. My apologies. But now you should be able to craft skinned items and sell them at a premium. Vending Machine purchases now reset decay, just like a door opening and closing. I’ve also made some changes to how vending machine administration works. For starters, you can no longer lock them; administration works for anyone if you’re behind the machine. This may change in the future, but I’d like to see how this plays out and how it influences design of trading posts. Lastly, you can rotate a Vending Machine if it is empty! This should be welcome news for anyone who placed one the wrong way by accident.

Vending Machine Screens: Maurino Berry

I’ve brought the Vending Machine screens to life this week. I was going to do a bunch of text and stuff, but thanks to this post on reddit I opted to mainly use icons. I still want to add some options for customization–like a message or two that will display on screen intermittently–but for now here’s how they look:
They’ll only be visible when you’re within 15 meters, to save resources, otherwise they’ll fall back to the old full screen image. They cycle through all the sell orders in the machine that currently have stock and display the price up top. If no sell orders are available, it’ll display a big X so you don’t have to waste time. There’s lots we can do with these moving forward, but for now they’re a nice little extra to have.

Minor Semi-Auto Pistol Nerfs: Maurino Berry

Not too much here, but I did add a small movement penalty to recoil when moving, and the pistol’s aim cone has been slightly increased to make it more ineffective at long range (you don’t notice this up close).

Gun Buffs: Maurino Berry

The Python Revolver has had its damage increased by 18% and now benefits from a slightly higher re-fire rate. It’s also much cheaper to craft. I’ve also increased the Semi-Auto Rifle damage by about 15%, which should make it more viable in combat.

Door CloserMaurino Berry

This isn’t coming to the game any time soon, and when it does it has nothing to do with people needing an object that closes their doors for them because they are forgetful. It will be for trading areas and include an exit push-bar on the inside. Relax.

Bear Traps: Maurino Berry

You can pick up triggered Bear Traps and replace them somewhere else if you have building privilege. You can also repair them. No idea why I didn’t add this sooner.

AI Tests: Garry Newman

Zombies are on the pre-release branch. Don’t get excited: they’re a convenient AI for testing, since all they do is follow players.
This video shows how AI can now navigate around properly without walking through rocks. It won’t walk up or down super steep hills, or through walls.

Animal Animation: Garry Newman

I looked at ways to improve our animal animations. There’s problems in the current animations with feet slipping, where the animation playback speed doesn’t match the entity movement speed, so it looks like it’s running on ice.
I fixed that here. The playback speed of walk animations is now controlled precisely by the ground speed. As well as looking way better, this reduces the complexity of the animation controller and the amount of animations needed. I’ve also made the back-end lag behind the front-end, to give a more natural look. This was previously simulated using two extra “lean left, lean right” animations, but there’s no reason we couldn’t make this procedural.

Wall Explosive Damage: André Straubmeier

When explosives destroyed a wall they could deal damage to objects behind that wall since the wall was no longer there when the line-of-sight test on those other objects was performed. I changed this so when an explosive explodes it first does all its line-of-sight checks and then deals damage to the objects. This means you no longer accidentally destroy Tool Cupboards or storage boxes when raiding a base.

Foliage System Progress: André Straubmeier

I finished the base implementation of the new foliage rendering system this week. It sadly turned out to be too slow to go live with this update, but the good news is I spent the rest of the week moving all the heavy work to a thread to speed things up. It completely eliminated all frame rate drops from generating the optimized foliage batches. The only things left to do now are some art and shader tasks so I’m hoping to start testing this on the dev branch early next week.

Multithreaded Mesh Batching: André Straubmeier

When I implemented threading for the foliage system I decided to design it in a way that I can reuse it for our generic renderer and collider batching systems, which are mostly used for buildings. This greatly helps with keeping the frame rate consistent when new meshes are created or old meshes are removed since all of the hard work is done in a separate thread from the main game. People who have used Unity before may appreciate the pain I had to go through to get multithreading working in tasks that interact with Unity’s mesh API. Everyone else feel free to complain about the fact that this isn’t included in this week’s update because I implemented it on the foliage system branch. It will however definitely go to the dev branch on Monday to get it properly tested for next week’s update.

Fridge: Vincent Mayeur

After that previous push for the overgrowth in-game, it felt like the right time to include some decorative items. I was a tad ambitious with this one since it turned out it needed a little more work than a purely decorative item, but nothing is lost. The fridge will gain more purpose in the future than in this current release form.
Next I’ll create some more decorative items: some for camouflage, some for comfort, some for storage. Your crib should start to look a lot homier real soon.

Bunker Room Dressing & Optimization: Damian Lazarski

I spent the last week dressing all remaining bunker rooms and getting them to the same standard as the room shown in the last week’s update. I spent the rest of the week optimizing the scene and all the new assets I made for it. When I’m done with the optimization pass I’ll be adding bunker rooms to some familiar areas, such as the airfield and the canyon sewers.

Lowest Quality Mode Adjustments: Diogo Teixeira

Last week we rolled out some visual improvements to the lowest shader level with some optimizations to make it possible. However, the low performance impact wasn’t enough for some players running lowest-end graphics hardware, particularly integrated GPUs. Since this change wasn’t meant to balance the game, but simply raise the overall aesthetic perception of the game, we decided to bring back the potato mode, enabled only when the lowest possible shader level (100) is set:

Glass Impact Decals: Diogo Teixeira

This task was long overdue. I took some time to fix decals that spawn when shooting glass:

Heavy Plate Armour: Taylor Reynolds

I’ve skinned and LODded the Heavy Plate Armour and finished its accompanying world models. Currently they take up the entire leg slot, so you can’t equip pants underneath them (the default urban pants mesh is included in the model). At the moment the pants meshes take up a significant volume, which means we’re either faced with clipping, or weird hovering meshes (like the current wood armour). Hopefully this will be a temporary solution, and I’d like to work towards a more permanent fix at some point (maybe through bone scaling or something similar). It’s an issue that I’m coming across a lot – and we know it sucks to lose a level of customisation. It won’t be available this week, as Helk will need a bit of time to make sure it’s properly balanced, but expect to be able to cosplay as a tin-can next week!

World Models: Alex Webster

This week I implemented Tom’s component and resource world models. There’s a few outstanding models left, but 99% are in and working now.

Advanced Sound Occlusion: Alex Rehberg

I spent most of this week working on some improvements to the sound occlusion system. Previously, all sound occlusion checks just happened from whatever point a given sound was playing from, on a sound-by-sound basis. Now, any object can be set up as a sound source, and those sound sources can opt-in to handling occlusion for any sound that’s attached to them. A sound source can have multiple points that occlusion checks run from now. The turrets, for example, have an occlusion point at their base, at the middle, and slightly above the top of the turret, which means that if the base is hidden behind a wall but you can still see 2/3rds of the turret, you’ll still be able to hear it. We’re also using the number of occluded points to decide how much we should turn the sound down by, which feels nice. This is currently only set up on objects that have looping occludable sounds (campfire, furnace, turrets, etc), and it’s disabled by default until I get a chance to test it on a populated server in the wild. You can change audio.advancedocclusion in the console if you want to turn it on now though.

Other Sound Stuff: Alex Rehberg

Currently all of the logic that controls individual sound playback runs with a maximum milliseconds budget per frame. I pulled some other smaller bits of the sound system (the new sound sources, reverb triggers) under this budgeted update this week. You shouldn’t notice anything different on your end, but I wanted to make sure that occlusion checks from sound sources were going to be kept in check too. I also started working on Vending Machine sounds and fixed a bug this week that would cause music clips to overlap occasionally (mostly while loading a map).

Glass Bullet Impact FX: Minh Le

I made some new bullet impact particle effects for when the player hits glass. I also tweaked the sounds a bit.

Player Animations: Minh Le

I completed new third-person animations for the M249, Thompson, and Magnum Revolver. The guns also animate during the reloads as well. Currently, there’s some slight sync issues with the player animating and the weapon animating (bolt moving, parts opening, etc. ). I’m looking into ironing those out, but it’s a bit tricky since the player and the weapon are separate entities, and it’s difficult getting them to play their animations at exactly the same time. You will might see some small timing issues, such as the bolt moving before the player’s hand actually touches it.


Added advanced sound occlusion (disabled by default for testing)
Fixed music clips occasionally overlapping
Added fridge item
Fixed being unable to place ceiling lights inside caves
Fixed explosives that destroy a wall dealing damage to objects behind it
Fixed anti hack fly hack exploit used by a small number of private hacks
Fixed some graphics effects not actually toggling
Fixed bullet impact decals on glass
Added potato quality mode when Shader Level is set to 100
Hammer world model & prefab optimisation
Stone pickaxe world model & prefab optimisation
Bone knife world model & prefab optimisation
Bone club world model & prefab optimisation
F1 grenade world model & prefab optimisation
Machete world model & prefab optimisation
Bleach world model
Ducttape world model
Gears world model
Metal blade world model
Metal pipe world model
Rope world model
Sewing kit world model
Spring world model
Tarp world model
Techparts world model
Animal fat world model
Cctv world model
Charcoal world model
Cloth world model
Explosives world model
Gunpowder world model
Hq metal world model
Hq metal ore world model
Leather world model
Low grade fuel world model
Metal fragments world model
Paper world model
Sulfur world model
Targeting computer world model
Metal ore world model
Sulphur ore world model
Fixed freelook vending machine exploit
Can no longer lock vending machines
Q button no longer closes vending machine panel
Can rotate empty vending machines
Vending machine sounds are serverside
Can only access vending machine inventory from rear
Fixed right click inserting items into vending machine as customer
Vending machine screen cycles available items
Vending machine screen displays vending progress
Vending machine panel shows skin of item for sale
Vending machine purchase resets decay in a radius
Added Fridge (only accepts food items)
Can pickup and repair bear trap
SAR does 15% more damage
Python much cheaper
Python does +18% damage
Python fires slightly faster
SAP has slight recoil penalty while moving
SAP has slightly higher aimcone to make it less effective at range
Added Metal Shopfront - safe trading

RUST / Community Update 123
« on: February 16, 2017, 02:13 »

The new vending machine meta, some terrible puns, Rust remade in Unturned, and more.


The immediate impact of a new piece of tech in Rust can send ripples through the community, and in the few days since we added Vending Machines to the game, there’s already been art (below), skins are on the Workshop, bugs (we’ve fixed that one), and even a parody video. That’s where the header was yoinked from: PitchDank’s Trap Base! video. Warning: there’s some o-vend-sive language in this one. Ahahahahaa! But seriously, it’s quite rude. Don’t click if loud swearing and sexy language makes you blush, because you totally will, and your mum might ask you what’s going on, and when you tell her she’ll ask how you know what that means, and then she’ll email us and CC in a newspaper. None of us want that.

There was a lot going on in that video, and it was made so quickly. Well done to PD for so Swiftly satirising it.

All About The Vendjamins*

Who’d have thought a device as everyday and utilitarian as a vending machine would have inspired such a wide range of art and usage? As you can see, Rust fans both on and off the servers have been working with the box of delights. Over on the reddits, Newfoundgames has been using both vending machine and signs to do some business.

Also on reddit, MikeMcDunnyman came up with a great idea to use the screen to display what’s inside. The machines that is, not your soul. There’s not enough black in world to render that.

Fleschybits on twitter (on the left), and LennyBicknel on reddit (and on the right) were both inspired to make the highest of high art.

And finally, Fosty99 turned the monolith into a place for human sacrifices.

*I warned you about the puns.

Xtab’s Skin Round-Up

I usually stick this second to last, but we’re on a vending machine roll right now. Once again, Gordon Xtab (he changes his name weekly for legal reasons) has gone through the Steam Workshop and picked a few favourites. Including, obviously, some vending machines.

Unturned Rust Mod

I just did a comedy double-take. You didn’t see it, but my cat did and she says it was [swishes tail angrily]. Why am pulling off solo comedy routines for a barely interested feline? Because I just discovered a Rust mod for Unturned and I’m also needy. Take a look at how Rust’s saltiness infects the cubicly comical survival game, via 2rgames.

It already has backpacks :(


This was a tough one to link to, because there’s no video and only one screenshot of it, but according to TotalChaos on the Rust forums it’s possible to play Skee-Ball in Rust. Here’s how:

My clan and I have come up with a way to pass the nights or low pop periods on servers with Skee-ball. I have images of our setup, but basically we build a base with a sloped roof facing towards 3 to 4 foundations with half-walls around. Taking turns we throw rocks at the sloped roof and they launch pretty far and whoever gets their rocks in the most times wins.

That’s great. Here it is in action, in possibly the least exciting screenshot of all time. That dot is the rock.

And Finally…

LCGaming’s Rust Ways to Die:

Based on this.

RUST / Devblog 147
« on: February 10, 2017, 00:03 »

Vending machines and armoured door hatches are finally in, a further look at the upcoming overgrowth and bunker clutter, and more.

Vending MachineMaurino Berry

Continuing with my work to revive some game elements from Concept Limbo, I spent the majority of this week implementing the Vending Machine. This was no easy task, but it’s in-game and functional.

First thing to know is for now this is a player only deployable. You will not find these in the world, and it is up to players to craft them and keep them stocked. My gut reaction was that this will never happen, but I designed it in a way that I hope can become an entirely new way of playing the game instead of farming.

It works by something called “Sell Orders”. If you have access to the rear of the machine (and its lock if it has one on it) you can open the Administrator Panel:

From here you’ll see the existing sell orders which you can delete, as well as a panel to add new ones. These are basically exchange rates which are fully customizable. You can set any item up for sale in any quantity, in exchange for any other item in any other quantity:

If you want to sell Hatchets for Stone, go ahead! If you want to sell Components for Metal Frags… why not? Keep in mind that these sell orders can be added to the machine, but the vending machine will only sell what has been put into its inventory (also accessible from the rear):

Where this gets interesting is when you do something like selling Stone in exchange for Wood. Every time someone buys some Stone, the inventory will receive the Wood. If you have another sell order in place that sells Wood in exchange for Cloth (let’s say) and people start to use it, you can stand back and let it constantly replenish and sell itself and simply extract the profits. I can imagine this being very valuable Wood generator if set up near a beach for new spawns to take advantage of (or for you to take advantage of new spawns, as it were).

There is still lots to be done, and there are probably a handful of exploits. I’ll be listening on reddit and in-game, so please test the hell out of these things. Enjoy!

P.S. there is a slight issue with being unable to upgrade floors under a vending machine. This will be fixed in a subsequent patch, but why would you place your vending machine on anything less than stone anyway?

P.P.S. Beware! Right now the vending machine will accept broken items with no way of determining their condition. Do not add sell orders in exchange for items that have condition! You have been warned!

Armored Door HatchesMaurino Berry

I tackled some low hanging fruit this week and got the Armored Door Hatches opening and closing. They really are open, not just from a visual standpoint: you can shoot out of them or throw grenades and projectiles through them. Be careful!

In-Home Streaming & Steam ControllersMaurino Berry

I forgot to mention this last devblog, but I had been playing around with my Steam Machine and couldn’t get Rust to work on it. No mouse buttons were registering. I then tried in-home streaming and had the same issue. This was because of something EAC was doing and it is now resolved. It’s pretty awesome to stream Rust to my Surface Pro from my main PC. Enjoy!

Code Lock ColorsMaurino Berry

We messed something up a long time ago and the Code Lock ‘opened’ color was yellow instead of green. This is now fixed.

Paper Cost ReductionMaurino Berry

Paper now only costs 5 Wood.

Large Furnace ChangesMaurino Berry

The Large Furnace now has a turn on/off control on its loot panel. In addition you can only access it at one of its alcoves instead of the chimney or any other random part of it

Water Fall Damage Maurino Berry

During a playtest last week, I tried to escape a group of geared guys at the harbor by jumping into the water. I took about 40 fall damage. That is bullshit. I removed fall damage when falling into water that is at least shoulder deep. I’ll revisit this eventually and take altitude into account, but for now an annoying bug has been fixed.

Console Command ExploitGarry Newman

Last week it became apparent that if you ran a command while you were in the connection queue it’d run it’d mistake it as being run via rcon or at the server console. Once this became known it didn’t take long for people to start calling “giveall ak47”, giving everyone on the server weapons, etc.

We identified this problem and put a patch out within an hour. We made the decision to wipe some servers because of it. I spent the start of this week refactoring and simplifying our console command running code to make this less likely to happen again.

We need a bug bounty program. I’ll look into setting one of these up soon. Soonish.

AIGarry Newman

Work very slowly continues on AI. Nothing to share. Unity tells us that they’ve fixed a bug that is currently breaking the pre-release branch. Once that’s sorted we can start testing it properly.

OvergrowthVincent Mayeur

I have completed the dressing of our dungeon levels when it comes to overgrowth. As always, there’s room for polish here and there, but I’ll wait until we have a return on performance to decide whether we can push visuals further. Some terrain plants have also been replaced to keep things consistent looking across the game. I also added a layer of detail dressing across most places: the environments are a little more prop rich with smaller scale details here and there.

Andre has made a start on replacing the terrain grass recently, and while it’s not yet visible in my screenshots it won’t be long until we have that covered.

Bunker RoomsDamian Lazarski

This week I finished the set of modular pipes I showed in the last devblog. I spent the last two days creating broken pipe variants, polishing the military bunkers, tweaking the ground and dressing all bunker rooms. When that’s done, I’ll do a similar dressing pass on other interiors, which should add a bit more graphical fidelity to other monuments.

New Foliage SystemAndré Straubmeier

I’ve started working on a new system for efficient foliage rendering. This will unify a new and improved grass system with all the monument overgrowth Vince has been showing off. It will allow us to add higher quality grass meshes that can both be placed by hand and spawned by terrain texture like the current grass system. I should be able to show some screenshots in the next devblog and hopefully include the first component (new terrain grass) in the next patch.

Server Physics CrashAndré Straubmeier

I’ve tracked down the server physics crash that could happen directly after server startup when loading relatively huge saves and implemented a workaround that has fixed the problem on all of our test servers. Fingers crossed that this is now solved once and for all.

Anti-Hack ImprovementsAndré Straubmeier

Cheat developers have been making some progress lately, especially with a fly hack exploit that was managing to minimize the amount of anti hack violations by pausing and unpausing client tick sending in intervals. This is now fixed along with some other anti-hack improvements.

Crafting ExploitAndré Straubmeier

We found an exploit that allowed people to craft uncraftable items like the LR-300 and even the wind generator via console command. This is now fixed. Back to concept limbo, wind generator!

New Foliage ShaderDiogo Teixeira

Started working on a new shader aimed at overgrowth foliage this week. It’s a stripped down and much lighter version of our standard shader, with some extra features like transmission for backface lighting:

Improved Lowest Shader LevelDiogo Teixeira

If you’re used to playing with graphics setting Shader Level set to lowest, you may notice the rocks and terrain are looking a bit different now. We decided to raise the bar a little bit regarding low quality modes while keeping the impact as low as possible.

This is how the lowest LOD looked before:

Both rocks and terrain are now more detailed and smaller rocks now match larger ones better. I took my time to build the fastest shader I could come up with at only 25% performance impact:

Occlusion Culling DeploymentDiogo Teixeira

After a good few weeks of building and testing I decided to merge dynamic occlusion culling into main. The best way to start iterating on it quicker is to get it out there and use real world data for tweaking.

For now, it supports player and ragdoll culling. NPC culling didn’t make it to this update, however. We added more occluders this time around so, besides the terrain, basic structures like foundations and walls also contribute to player culling. In the following shot we can see it in action where green are visible and red are culled by the structure itself:

Going forward, we’ll extend occluders to more structures like monuments, and occludees to anything we can hide to speed up the game. Performance of culling is also work-in-progress and will improve over time.

Culling is enabled by default. In case you experience any issues, please use “culling.enabled 0” to disable it and report it back to us.

Player AnimationsMinh Le

This week I completed new third-person animations for the Crossbow, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Eoka Pistol, and Flamethrower.

I also re-rigged the third-person models for these weapons so some of them have individual animating parts: the crossbow string stretches back, the shotgun barrels now animate properly, etc.

The new animations better match up with their corresponding view-model animations. When other players see you reloading, they can tell when you’ve completely reloaded and are ready to start firing, and the Eoka Pistol now has a third-person striker firing animation so you can tell when he’s preparing to shoot.

Component WorldmodelsTom Butters

Finished up on the of components worldmodels: Explosives, Gunpowder, HQ Metal, HQ Metal Ore, Large Generic Can, Small Generic Can, Metal Fragments, Cloth, Leather, CCTV Camera, Animal Fat, Sulphur, and Targeting Computer. When these are implemented you’ll be able to see them on the floor and everywhere else.

SoundsAlex Rehberg

This week I created and added new sounds for the Flame Turret, which was pretty fun. I got some cool mechanics recordings from this old and piece of shit push mower that has been sitting in my garage forever. It worked out really well.

I also went over a bunch of the existing deployable placement sounds. I’m pretty happy with where most of these are at now, but there’s one or two that need a bit more love still. I created new sounds for most of the deployables that didn’t have sounds yet too (signs, fish trap, locks, etc).

I fixed deployables that deploy to a slot, like the locks, not playing sounds when placed as well.


Added new flame turret sounds
Added placement sounds to more deployables
Polished a bunch of existing deployable placement sounds
Fixed UV errors on the metal chest plate
Fixed skinning errors on the female torso
Fixed random physics crash on server startup when loading big saves
Pause server manager (AI, stability, networking) while initializing the world
Refresh collider grid after initializing conditional models (server)
Refresh renderer grid in loading screen (client)
Improved anti hack system (mostly fly hack detection)
Made debug draw console commands admin only
Fixed exploit to craft uncraftable items via console
Improved lowest shader level
Deployed dynamic occlusion culling
Bolt rifle world model & prefab optimisation
Longsword world model & prefab optimisation
Waterpipe shotgunworld model & prefab optimisation
Ak47 world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged cleaver world model & prefab optimisation
Beancan world model & prefab optimisation
Stone spear world model & prefab optimisation
Water bucket world model & prefab optimisation
Bow world model & prefab optimisation
Hatchet world model & prefab optimisation
Bandage world model & prefab optimisation
Pickaxe world model & prefab optimisation
Fixed missing holdtype anim bug for Lr300, semi auto rifle, m249, flamethrower
Fixed wooden door skin not working
Added entity.deleteby( steamid ) to delete all player's entities
All player's entities are removed when they're EAC banned
Fixed error when opening steam inventory screen
Fixed workshop being broken (tag case sensitivity)
No fall damage when falling into shoulder height water
Flame Turret network optimization
Flame turret fireballs slow damage even more
Large Furnace has on/off controls on its loot panel
Large Furnace can only be accessed from its alcoves
Fixed Chocolate bar missing eat sound
Fixed Granola bar missing eat sound
Paper cost reduced to 5
Armored doors have functioning hatches
Added Vending Machine
Codelock light color fixes
In-Home streaming now functional ( mouse clicks )
Steam Controller now functional ( mouse clicks )

RUST / Devblog 146
« on: February 03, 2017, 00:22 »

Devblog 146

Lots of changes this week: we’ve added Flame Turrets and Tuna Can Lamps, most ammo now stacks to 128, previously visited servers should load significantly faster, rocks can now spawn with a previously chosen skin, and lots more. This patch will wipe all the servers.


Concept Limbo: Maurino Berry

For the next few weeks I’ll be going through Shadowfrax’s Concept Limbooo and implementing what I consider low hanging fruit that was pushed aside for other, more important, reasons. I figure if I spend some time on this everyone will have a bunch of new toys to play with, rather than weeks of bugfixes and minor balance changes.

Wall Lamps: Maurino Berry

Pretty self explanatory, and the people over at reddit cried about this a lot for some reason. Either way here you go:








Hopefully they don’t tank your FPS and I won’t have to spend all next week removing them.

Flame Turret: Maurino Berry

I had a lot of fun with this guy. It’s an area denial trap that uses Low Grade Fuel as ammunition. You’re going to want to place it around corners throughout your base to slow down potential raiders. When triggered, they will spray flames for 5 seconds, inhibiting player movement and causing damage. Do not place these inside wooden structures. We’re also doing something a little different with this turret as an experiment: instead of authorizing with it, instead it won’t attack people with Building Privileges. If you really want to let someone into your base just take the fuel out for now. Eventually this should work with pressure pads and stuff like that, but let’s just see how this goes. Check it out:








It’s probably OP; it’s possibly UP; and it probably lags the server to hell. I’ll fix any of these issues if they come up, though.

Radiation Changes: Maurino Berry

I had this little bit of code that let a tiny amount of radiation always leak through clothing. This was annoying in practice because even in a Radsuit you had to spam bandages. I think in the future I will just have radiation damage the clothing items instead if we want to limit how long you can spend in a Radtown when fully protected.

Building Privilege Light Restrictions: Maurino Berry

I know it’s magic, but right now I don’t care: I hated how absolutely no-one designed a base that had a ceiling light or a lantern or anything like outside, because someone would just run up and steal the Low Grade Fuel in 5 seconds. Now you can only access the Ceiling Light, Wall Lamp, and Lantern if you have Building Privileges. This may change in the future, but let’s try it out for now.

Water Filling Changes: Maurino Berry

You can now only fill up water containers from the tap part of a Water Barrel or Water Catcher. There’s also a really bad particle effect to accompany it!

Ladder Hatch Changes: Maurino Berry

You can no longer spam rocks at the ‘weak’ side of a Ladder Hatch. Sorry, but this was stupid. A hatch is now completely equivalent to a Sheet Metal Door in all respects, and neither are vulnerable to being broken down by using 347 rocks on them.

Planting Changes: Maurino Berry

I’ve modified things so that plants take damage and can be chopped down. They also stick around a lot longer when they are dead, so that you have a chance to see your shitty dead crop that you neglected instead of an empty planter box. You’ll also require less trips with a bucket to completely saturate the soil of planter boxes. More work needs to be done on planting, but I’ve given it a rest to implement some other things…

Ammo Stacks: Maurino Berry

Most ammo stacks to 128 now.

Signage Cost Reductions: Maurino Berry

Wow! A large banner used to cost over 750 Metal Frags, Wood, and Cloth. No wonder I haven’t seen one of these crafted in forever. Virtually all the exotic signs have had their costs reduced to ⅓ or ¼ what they were.

Arrow Trails: Maurino Berry

The Arrow trails were using the wrong shader and did not take lighting information into account. This meant that the trails were bright white, even in the dead of night, making stealth operations very difficult. This has since been fixed.

Stripped Ownership: Garry Newman

I stripped the ownership code out this week. I know: you liked it, you want it back, it was fun to see the origins of an item; but it was adding unnecessary overhead to the whole item system. We can look at storing an item’s creator at some point — I can see some kind of value in that — but I’ll leave that up to Helk.

Player Model Fixes: Garry Newman

The player model’s new angles weren’t updating when the player was standing still. This meant that the player could be looking in completely different direction and you wouldn’t know until they attacked. This is fixed now.

The player’s lower half is now a dead zone, so the top half of the body can rotate within that dead zone and the bottom half will stay still, until the angles get uncomfortable and the legs will start to spin around. This looks a bit less robotic than the whole model spinning around on the spot.

I manipulated the player’s spine slightly, to avoid looking so hunched over when aiming down slightly. When looking up, the player’s upper spine bends more when aiming down the lower spine comes into play.

Skin Changes: Garry Newman

I changed how we apply skins. The old way was dumb, and I can’t even be bothered to explain it. Long story short: the new way means we can better define which objects are skinnable, and which materials are to be replaced. This means that we can make more items available for skinning.

While I was in the zone, I managed to get a few long requested features done: Quick Craft will now craft items with the last chosen skin. Crafting queue shows items using the chosen skin. Player’s will spawn with a skinned rock if they chose one previously.

Win32 Errors: Garry Newman

If you’re on a 32bit version of Windows, you probably have bigger problems in your life than not being able to play Rust, but this week I investigated and found a problem with our Steamworks implementation when launching on 32bit Windows.

You should now be able to launch properly. There’s not a lot of you guys left, but we’ve got your back.

Modular Pipes: Damian Lazarski

I’ve been working on a set of modular pipes, electric installations, air ducts, valves, gauges and so on. Some of them were shown in the last week update on the bunkers, but they were just rough grey boxes. The idea is to create a bunch of variations, including straight, curved and broken pipes and place them inside existing interiors to add a bit more depth and interest, meaning you will spend less time staring at empty walls when exploring. The highpoly and bakes are finished, but I’m still working on texturing and setting up all variants.

In addition, I spent some time this week helping Diogo with occluder meshes for construction deployables.

Loading Times: André Straubmeier

The first iteration of the world serialization system is now live. This means the world is generated and cached the first time you join a server. Consecutive joins can then simply load the world from the cache. This means you should see vastly reduced loading times. Here’s a comparison.

Server Physics Crash: André Straubmeier

Alistair and I are still investigating the server physics crash. Since all servers wipe today it shouldn’t be a massive problem for at least another week, but so far we haven’t found a definite answer to where this is coming from. We’re essentially seeing a really random low level server crash in Unity’s physics system when there are somewhat many colliders and at least one rigidbody in the world. I’ve also contacted Unity and we’re trying get this solved as soon as possible, either in a Unity update or by finding a workaround on our end.

Physics Optimization: André Straubmeier

While investigating the physics crash I found some physics inefficiencies and optimized them as needed. The server is now using vastly fewer rigidbodies as I removed all rigidbodies from ceiling lights and the client does a better job at culling those rigidbodies in the distance.

Server Load Entity Leak: André Straubmeier

Another thing I found while investigating the crash was a small entity leak that occurred whenever the server loaded a save. This only concerned two entities on every server start, but since many community servers do daily restarts and those entities are networked to the client it’s still good that we found and fixed it.

Combat Log ID: André Straubmeier

I made the combat log more useful by adding a unique ID for both the attacker and the target. This makes it much easier tell players apart in group engagements.

Building Downgrade Exploit: André Straubmeier

In the earliest days of the hammer tool, you were allowed to downgrade building blocks while in your own building privilege. This was quickly removed as it opened up exploits when you took over someone’s cupboard. However, only the client side code was updated. Naturally once hackers found out they added the option to downgrade building blocks when inside your own building privilege. This is now fixed.

Cave Ambience/Reverb: Alex Rehberg

I added ambience to caves this week. I did a lot of the design for this a while back, but it’s been tweaked a bit and actually implemented now. The ambience system is aware of the environment volumes that we use to darken ambient lighting underground now, so we’re also using those to stop things like birds from playing in the caves.

I also set up a way for us to store reverb settings in a centralized place, and did a pass over the reverb in caves.

Deployable Placement Sounds: Alex Rehberg

I’ve started a polish pass over deployable placement sounds this week, and started working on sounds for some objects that are missing them still (locks, water purifier, etc).

Heavy Plate Armour: Taylor Reynolds

I’ve finished up the baking and texturing of the heavy plate armour added a bunch of extra plating in the legs to make it feel a little bulkier. Other than a final texturing pass, I’m ready to get it LODded, rigged and to whip up some world models.

Player Animations: Minh Le

I redid a bunch of third-person animations so they accurately display the direction the player is actually facing. I also made new animations for when the player is aiming down the sights. There is now a noticeable difference between the two states, making it easier to tell if other players are aiming at you or just hip firing. I also redid a bunch of reload and deploy animations to better match their viewmodel counterparts. I managed to do a lot of weapons this week but there’s still a lot more to go, so it’ll probably be another couple weeks before I have all of the weapons animating exactly as they should.

World Model Optimisation: Alex Webster

Work continues on the long list of weapons. There’s also been clean-up on the prefab side (strange connections and values) which has made this task a little more time consuming. We’ve settled on budgets that hopefully retain quality but help performance. All models have three LODs, the highest detail being 4-6k triangles, the lowest being 100.

Metal Chestplate Skinning: Alex Webster

The chestplate has now been updated to remove the elastic/stretchyness that’s been around for so long.


Fixed player model angles not always being broadcast properly
Player models standing rotation have a 80 degree dead zone
Added player ladder animations
Fixed player model feet slipping on jog/run animations
Fixed player model hitching when changing between looking up and down
Player models look less hunched
Fixed steam startup errors on Win32
Removed redundant ownership system
Fixed pumpkin helmet getting culled too early
Optimized console system
Quickcraft uses last chosen skin
Double Barrel Shotgun is skinnable
Satchel Charge is skinnable
Spawn with rock skinned to previously chosen skin
Icons in craft queue use skin icon
Steam inventory resources (like cloth) are stacked
Hammer guide is blue instead of red
Eoka is skinnable
Player skulls are named after the player they're from
Fixed orientation on several 3rd person animations
Ambience system distinguishes between environment types (underground)
Added Cave ambience
Added a way to store reverb settings in a central place
Polished reverb in natural caves
Minor mix tweaks
Torch world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged sword world model & prefab optimisation
Mace world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged icepick world model & prefab optimisation
Thompson world model & prefab optimisation
Double barrel shotgun world model & prefab optimisation
Satchel charge world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged axe world model & prefab optimisation
Semi-auto pistol world model & prefab optimisation
Metal chestplate skinning updates
Fixed weapons culling too early when thrown
Optimized client side rigidbody distance culling of ceiling lights
Fixed duplicate community and resource deposit entities in saves
Removed ceiling light rigidbodies from the server
Added timescale and gravity server convars
Added corpses, events and dropitems server convars
Added respawn_groups and respawn_populations server convars
Fixed building block downgrade exploit when inside building privilege
Added missing physic materials to various junkpile assets
Added unique ID of attacker and target to combat log
Added world caching (vastly reduced loading times)
Added world.cache convar (toggles caching)
Reduced serialization overhead from harbors prefabs
Added collider state to dump files
Removed 60 second suicide time limitation for admins/developers
Disabled shell protection for ladder hatch
Ladder hatch now identical to Sheet Metal Door
Ladder hatch/sheet metal doors no longer vulnerable to rock spam
Thrown water now equally distributed payload between objects
Water Planters require less trips to saturate their soil
Can only fill buckets/bottles from the tap portion of Water Barrels/Catchers
Cleaver does slightly more damage and has a higher attack radius
Minor constant Radiation Damage even though fully protected removed
Added Wall Lamps
Light Sources can only be looted/turned on/off if the player can build in that area
Most Ammo stacks to 128
Bone armor cost reduction
Can now place lanterns on small boxes
Dead plants stay around longer
Can chop down plants
Drastically reduced cost of exotic signage
Added Flame Turret

RUST / Community update 121
« on: January 31, 2017, 22:39 »

Lots of Rust IRL, including how to make a Beancan Grenade, a hand-made Coffee Can helmet, a real-world Rust base, and more.


I always click on “Making of…” Rust weapon videos with the same fear people get approaching a suspect package: there’s a chance it could be real, but it’s more than likely to be nothing dangerous and I’ll have looked like a pancky idiot. Yes, I briefly worried about MineDatFunky’s “Crafting A Beancan Grenade” video, because Rust players are terrifying, but it’s fake in the best way imaginable. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen.

There’s some incredible detail in this: the charcoal is ground up with a bone, the knife is a Bone Knife. Frankly, I consider this recipe canon for the in-game item. This isn’t the only example of Rust leaking into the real-world…

Coffee Can Helmet & Signs

Over on reddit, SMV33 has been making props for a Rust film and wanted to show off the helmet they made, while PseudonymousSpy dug out some Rust road signs from an old Halloween outfit.

And that’s not even the last time I saw Rust leaking into the real-world this week.

Rust Base IRL

Finally, PepperTheRed discovered a Rust build in the wild.

I really don’t want to know what a raid looks like in that place.

Community Art

Clicking on the Steam Community is fraught with the same sort of dangers as the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Most people choose to not look at it, but I’m definitely more like a Nazi in the regard that I’ll stare directly into it. Note: that is the only time I’m like a Nazi. Anyway, LaserTurken drew us a little scene from the Rust servers, and Bedlam messed around with some screenshots, perhaps trying to evoke post-apocalyptic post-processing.

I like the word ‘perhaps’. It makes me sound like a contemplative art critic.

Low Spec Rust

If there’s a chance you’re running Rust on integrated graphics, then you probably need a little help. And if you don’t, and just want to experience Rust on the lower end of the spectrum, Low Spec Gamer has shouldered the task of figuring out what needs to be done to play Rust on a very, very limited budget.

That doesn’t make the game look good, but I always love watching Low Spec’s stuff, both for the service he provides and to just see how different games can get on crappy hardware. I’ll never forget what Half-Life 2 looks like.

Xtab’s Skin Round-Up

Skin demon Xtab has been digging into this week’s Workshop treats. Here’s his picks for the best.

Perhaps some of those will end up here. Speaking of skins, I am once again in awe of Fred the dog’s OTT skin display. This time he’s made an animation for a single workshop skin.


RUST / Dev Blog 145
« on: January 27, 2017, 15:10 »

The first signs of overgrowth, our remake of the old intro music, crafting time reductions, and more.

Skins Not Working: Garry Newman

Skins haven’t been working properly over the last week or so. This is a huge issue: you guys paid for those skins and you can’t use them. That’s terrible and we’re sorry.

The issue isn’t properly resolved yet. At first I thought it must have been something I did because the timing seemed to coincide with the patch last week. So I hit my head against a brick wall trying to solve it, without any luck. Then I heard rumors that we weren’t the only game with this problem, which lead me to believe that it’s a Steam problem. After talking to the Steam guys on the forums it does seem that they did change something on their end that may not be backwards compatible, but they thought that updating to the latest Steam SDK would solve it. That didn’t fix anything either.

So I’ve hacked around it for now, and skins should work again. I wish we’d have done this hack on Thursday while we found out what went wrong, but the real fix always seemed to be a couple of hours away. So once again, sorry. We’ll try to take this as a lesson.

Music: Alex Rehberg

I spent some time this week doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while now (and that a lot of people have been begging for): recreating the classic Rust music! This isn’t in game yet.

I’ve always liked the old song, but we only had the fully mixed down file on hand, which meant we didn’t have access to the individual layers to use in the dynamic music system.

There were a couple parts of the song that have always felt a little off to me too, so this isn’t exactly the same, but I hope it’s close enough to make everyone happy. It’s not quite where I want it to be yet: the piano needs a bit of fine tuning, and there’s only one drum pattern through the whole thing right now, but I’m pretty happy with it so far. Hit play to enjoy it for the rest of the blog.

Farming 1.8: Maurino Berry

The latest version of farming is done and I’m nearing completion of this project. In this update you’ll notice that you can see distressed plants by their color, so you’ll need to keep them watered to improve their yield. Yield is also calculated differently, and is based on how much water the plant absorbed during its growth cycle. Each plant requires different amounts of water to produce a yield bonus. For example, an unwatered pumpkin will still produce 1 pumpkin, but a properly tended to one can produce up to 3. Corn produces 2 ears, but can produce up to 6. Hemp was nerfed to produce only 10 cloth, but will produce up to 40 when taken care of!

I’ve also doubled the caloric yield of corn/pumpkins to make them much more sought after food items. You’ll always get 2 clones from a plant, and healthy plants can produce up to 6.

Crafting Time Reductions: Maurino Berry

I took a quick look at a bunch of crafting times and reduced them to sensible values. Arrows craft in 5 seconds instead of 20, and most of the guns were reduced from 3 minutes down to 1 minute. I would have reduced everything further but then I’d just have to increase them again when I add the Workbench…

Holosight Improvements: Maurino Berry

I was playing on a battlefield server the other day and I noticed the Holosight was very difficult to use during the day. In fact, it was virtually invisible. I made some changes to the texture and shader so that the reticle is much larger and stays red during the day. Enjoy!

F1 Grenade Changes: Maurino Berry

I’ve changed the F1 Grenade to be a lot cheaper, lowering the required resources and removing the spring from its recipe. I’ve also almost completely removed its building damage capabilities and made its throw animation very snappy. I’m hoping it will be used more frequently in combat for anti-personnel purposes.

Cost Reductions: Maurino Berry

I’ve reduced the component cost of the Double Barrel Shotgun down to one Pipe and removed the Gear cost for a Landmine (this was silly as it was a one and done deployable and thus a waste of valuable component). I’ve also reduced cost of all barricades, including the reduction of the Blade requirements for applicable ones.

Oil Barrels: Maurino Berry

Part of the problem some people may have been experiencing with the lack of junk piles is simply because people are not finishing the job when they see an oil barrel. If a junkpile still has unbroken barrels or unlooted crates, it’s going to stick around until its despawn time of roughly 20 minutes. This means it is eating up a population slot and reducing the overall number of fresh junkpiles to be found in the world. To combat this, I’ve added some Low Grade Fuel to the Oil Barrel as well as the existing crude. Hopefully people will finish the job now. If not, I’ll look at reducing the Oil Barrel health, or figure out another despawn method.

Recycler Volume: Maurino Berry

I know we got new recycler sounds this week but that isn’t all: I’ve slightly reduced the volume but increased the audible distance. Make sure the area is clear before turning it on!

Overgrowth Cont’d: Vincent Mayeur

A lot of level detail dressing for me this week. In all there’s, like, 10 dungeons to cover. So far this week I completed overgrowth passes on the powerplant, sphere tank and lighthouse dungeons. I’m currently working on airfield.

Bunker Rooms Art: Damian Lazarski

I spent the last week texturing the unfinished bunker rooms found inside the military tunnels. I’m nearly finished with texturing the base structure and I will be moving next on creating a set of modular interior assets to add more variety to this environment. This will include assets such as pipes, air vents, cables and so on.

Fixes Everywhere: André Straubmeier

I spent most of the week tracking down bugs in memory management and networking. It’s pretty unglamorous work, but it does feel good to track down bugs that have been around for a long time and caused all sorts of weird higher level issues. For a full list see the changelog.

World Serialization Part 2: André Straubmeier

I finished up the first iteration of the world serialization system over the last two weeks. The game can now cache and load the procedurally generated world on both the client and the server. This means vastly improved loading times on consecutive server joins and server restarts. Since it’s a pretty big change I’ll start testing this on the development branch early next week and and I’m planning for it to go live with next week’s wiping update. If everything goes smoothly, the next step will be to allow server owners to stream the world from their server in order to open up the world generation for server side mods, which I’m hoping to introduce some time next month.

Unity Downgrade: André Straubmeier

We had to revert the Unity update we applied earlier this month because we ran into a problem with the physics engine that prevented certain servers from starting up. This downgrade sadly also reintroduces the alt tabbing issues when running the game in fullscreen exclusive mode. We’re sorry for any inconveniences this may cause and we’ll try to upgrade to a version that fixes this as soon as possible.

Third-Person Animations: Minh Le

I’ve been redoing all of the third-person animations to better suit the changes that were made to the animation system. Since the new animation system overrides all spine bones, I had to modify my animations so they only use the shoulders/arms.

An added benefit of the new animation system is that we no longer use IK to “plant” the hands to the guns. I can precisely position the hands in Maya and it will stay planted to the gun. This means there won’t be any more clipping of hands through guns.

Here are some of the animations I’ve gotten done so far (please disregard the animations on the weapons themselves, like the bolt moving back, etc. I haven’t had time to edit those and synch them to the player animations).

Heavy Plate Armour: Taylor Reynolds

The bear rework was getting a little too close to being finished, so I’ve relegated it to concept limbo*. I’ve picked up the heavy plate armour I worked on a few months ago, just doing a final pass on the modelling and texturing. It’s almost there, although I’d like to break up the big flat metal surfaces a little better, possibly with patches of scuffed paint from whatever the steel’s previous purpose was. It’s easy to go overboard with colours, so I might just try and push areas of rust a little more and add some drips/chalk markings to introduce some variety. I’m aiming to start rigging by the end of next week, ready for Helk to start the unenviable task of balancing it.

*Not really, I’ll be working with Alex to ensure the model works nicely with the rig, so expect to see it again soon.

Component Artwork: Tom Butters

Work continues on the many various components. I’m drawing nearer to completion on them, so here are some for your viewing pleasure!

Sound: Alex Rehberg

I played for a bit over the weekend and on Monday and took a bunch of notes whenever I heard anything funky, so this week there was a lot of polish and bug fixing from that list.

I fixed a couple of small bugs with the sound/effect system, including the one where firing your bow, rapidly switching to another weapon, and then switching back to the bow would make the bow shot sound play an extra time (and the crossbow too I believe). That one was caused by effects remaining attached to entities when they’re disabled, which meant that when the entity was enabled again the sound would play.

I did a polish pass over distant gunshots. They’re a bit sharper and the tails are quieter, which helps make distant gun fights sound more clear and less like a wash of reverb tails.

I polished up explosions a bit too. I was mainly focused on the distant explosions this time around and I think they’re sitting in the mix a lot better and feeling more natural now.

I also made some new sounds for the recycler. One of the layers in there is a recording of me sitting on top of a filing cabinet shaking it around like I was riding a bull.


Downgraded to Unity 5.4.2f2
Fixed item ownership memory pooling
Fixed minor memory leak on server join
Fixed garbage collections from cave triggers
Fixed exception when removing locks with thrown items stuck in them
Fixed entity bounds issues on collectables
Fixed server entity leak when dropped item falls out of world bounds
Fixed thrown items sometimes appearing at wrong position when parent is destroyed
Fixed floating attachments when picking up weapons
Fixed rare exception when writing empty streams to network
Fixed error when clearing the memory pool
Fixed some unused components not being stripped from client / server builds
Added “free” console command (frees all possible memory)
Fixed skins not working
Fixed bow/crossbow double shot sound
Fixed rare sound NRE
New Recycler sounds
Distant gunshot polish
Explosion polish
Misc minor sound fixes and mix tweaks
Stone hatchet world model optimisation  
Salvaged hammer world model optimisation
Rocket launcher world model optimisation
Pump shotgun world model optimisation 
Revolver world model optimisation
Slightly reduced cost of waterpipe
Reduced cost of double barrel
Removed gear cost from landmine
Reduced blade cost of metal barricade
Reduced stone cost of stone/concrete barricades
Oil barrels also produce a small amount of low grade fuel
Reduced recycler volume slightly but increased radius
Slightly nerfed meat food items
Buffed corn/pumpkin food yield
Visual plant hydration via tinting
Reworked plant water yield - x water over y time = z yield
Minimum 2 clones from plants
Quartered arrow crafting time
Halved bolt/ak/sar/smg/sap/thompson crafting time
Lowered beartrap crafting time
Lowered autoturret crafting time
F1 grenade is mainly antipersonnel now, barely any construction damage
F1 grenade much cheaper and doesn't require a spring
F1 grenade quicker throw time/snappier feeling

RUST / Dev Blog 144
« on: January 20, 2017, 06:20 »

We’ve added a new revolver, fiddled with farming, re-animated the game, optimised, and more.

Player AnimationsGarry Newman

Our player animation rig was dumb, and every time we added to it we made it worse. We’ve been putting it off for a long time, but this week I aimed to simplify it.

The major issue is that for every hold type in the engine (rock, hatchet, rifle etc), we had a set of accompanying walk/crouchwalk/jump animations to go along with the player. This probably makes sense from an artist’s point of view, because you want the player to look like they’re carrying something heavy when they’re carrying a rocket launcher, and that should affect the whole body.

This is bullshit though, because even though that capability was there it wasn’t being used. Plus, it’s more important for players to be aiming right at where the player is aiming, so you know if you’re going to get shot. That isn’t something that was happening in this rig when players were jumping, or walking at an angle. Gameplay has to take precedence here.

Even though most of this work has been done on the internals, there are some changes you’ll see as an end user.

  • Player model upper body always aims where player is looking
  • Can see when players are ironsighted/hipfiring

This change should allow us to add player animations more easily in the future, so it’s all done when we want to be doing gestures, or make the player actual strum the guitar, or make their hands actually hold the weapon instead of half clipping through it.

This was a big change, so we have some known issues that will get fixed next week:

  • Some one-handed hold animations look dumb when running
  • Some hold animations are facing the slightly the wrong way (spear etc)
  • No ladder climb animation yet

PrereleaseGarry Newman

Along with Diogo, I’ve been spending some time with the prerelease branch. Prerelease now uses Unity 5.6.0 beta, which includes the new Navmesh stuff, and the new AI stuff. I’ve been setting this up and testing the limits, and so far so good.

The new AI system is more flexible than the old one. We’re going to be looking at having more PVE in the future. Our goal is something for players to fight against together. That and bears not walking through walls anymore. I’m looking forward to reading about how it was better when bears could walk through walls later this year.

But don’t bother jumping on the prerelease branch hoping to be fighting 100 foot animated stone statues yet though, because it’s broken at the moment.

Farming 1.7Maurino Berry

I’ve further developed farming and we’re nearing the completion of this system. Now you’ll notice that plants will grow gradually over time rather than directly snapping to their next stage, so you can visibly monitor their progress. An important part of cloning!

When you place a seed, the created plant has random genetics. Right now these genetics determine its growth speed. If you notice one plant is growing much faster than the rest, it is probably due to it having good genes. I’ve added a system that allows you to take a clipping of a plant by holding down E instead of just harvesting it.

The G-number associated with the plant indicates its genetics, a value from 0-10000. The higher the number, the better the genes. You can replant the clone just like you would a seed and selectively breed only the best plants.

This is just a baseline. Later on I will expand on the plant genetics so that they dictate growth speed, water requirements, yield bonus, disease resistance etc.

This might seem silly right now as no-one is really planting, but next week I’ll make sure that planted food is way better than found food, and eventually we will add medicines and stuff like that. Have fun!

Crossbow Cost ChangesMaurino Berry

The Crossbow now costs 100 Wood, 50 Metal Frags, 1 Rope, and 1 Gear. To everyone bitching on reddit: the gear cost has to remain for now until I rebalance the component loot tables. Sorry!

P250 Effective RangeMaurino Berry

Lots of people have said the P250 was perfect; lots of other people have said it needed a nerf. The conclusion I came to is that the P250 is too good for how “easy” it is to obtain, and it’s also is being used in place of other more higher powered weapons at long distances. I’ve changed things up so it behaves more like what it actually is: a pistol.

The main change you will notice is that the P250 has a severely reduced effective range by way of damage reduction at a distance. Wait! Before you freak out, understand that the gun will still function exactly the same as it did before at close range (20-30m), but damage will fall off quickly beyond that range. I think this is a fair trade off, at least to start. You shouldn’t have a weapon that you can use at any range like a Quake 3 railgun. Come on! Also I slightly increased the vertical recoil lolz.

Python Revolver Maurino Berry

The Python Revolver has been added to the game. It sounds like shit because we had to remove a commit that contained its real audio files. We will patch this client-side later on.

Basically, this is a slow firing, high-damage pistol. It isn’t great at range, but is better than the other revolver and the P250. It only has 6 shots and high recoil. I’ll monitor the response and balance as required.

I saw some comments on reddit regarding how we shouldn’t be working on new weapons and instead should be working on feature X. Please understand that artists can’t help with code and when they produce a model it does not take very long to implement it in the game. If our weapons guy is doing weapons models I’m not going to not add them! So please enjoy.

New RevolverMinh Le

I finished the animations and sounds for the new python revolver and also made the worldmodel. This is what it looks like in your hands.

OvergrowthVincent Mayeur

I started the long task of creating art assets for natural overgrowth in the game. Despite being in all our concepts, it’s long been missing in our environments, and for a multitude of reasons it got postponed until now. Now I feel like we have the knowledge of the game and the tools to put this in place. Keep in mind this is primarily for our static environments at this time. We have talked about overgrowth in the past when speaking of the decaying player bases, and while it’s not what I am focusing on right now this isn’t out of the picture.

So for the most part I’ve creating high poly meshes for all the bits and bobs of vegetation required. Before that I had a think as to what types of plants I would need to create a diverse enough environment. The goal was to store all that data into one texture atlas that would help us batch this extra amount of detail on the GPU for a best performance compromise. With that part being done, I started to turn these into 3D models that will end up dressing the dungeons. I’ll be replacing our current grass over the terrain, in a bid to make it look more realistic as well.

Here are some shots of the work in progress models:

Not shown here are more creeping plants types which will be used to dress our derelict buildings. Stay tuned.

Rigidbody Optimisation Part 2André Straubmeier

I further reduced the amount of rigidbodies on the client by stripping them from all player entities that don’t need to interact with colliders and triggers. The only things that are still using rigidbodies on the client are the local player and ragdolls. This really helped push down the physics overhead per frame on my machine. An individual physics frame now takes 0.3ms for me while only a few weeks ago it was at 2.0ms or higher. It will be interesting to see how this plays out on high population servers.

Resource SpawnsAndré Straubmeier

With the addition of junkpiles we really got to the limits of our dynamic resource spawning system. Since junkpiles are really large they could spawn partially inside buildings or sometimes even on top of players. They also didn’t check the surrounding terrain to make sure that they’re properly grounded. I fixed this by adding the more advanced checks from the world generation to our dynamic resource spawning system and adding additional checks for players and constructions.

Notes About Shadow QualityDiogo Teixeira

We’ve been getting reports about shadow jaggies becoming distracting, especially in motion, since we started forcing shadows. To help mitigate this problem we had “graphics.shadowmode 2” available to help smooth out the shadows at a reasonably low performance cost. Problem is it wasn’t available in graphics quality modes below 5. We’ve now enabled it in quality modes above 2 and we’ll be keeping an eye on your feedback. Feel free to try it and let us know.

Prerelease OptimizationsDiogo Teixeira

I’ve been working mostly on the Prerelease branch these past few weeks, specifically on optimizations made possible by new features available in Unity 5.5+. A lot of the work has been going to getting dynamic occlusion culling up and running for entities. Players and ragdolls now already being culled by occluding surfaces like terrain. By the time Prerelease gets merged into main, most entities will use some form of dynamic occlusion to avoid unwanted runtime overhead when they’re out-of-sight or occluded by obstacles

Bear ReworkTaylor Reynolds

The reworked bear is starting to take shape. It’s still a little rough in areas, but it’s getting there. I’ll be refining it next week and adding in a bunch of alpha cards to break up some of the nasty silhouette artifacts.

And here’s a wee video.

Prop WorkDamian Lazarski

This week I’ve been focusing on replacing some of the remaining greybox assets. I made a set of electrical boxes and replaced the placeholder ones that were still being used in the levels. I have also replaced some of the old placeholder vans with the new truck variants I made recently. Also, I started working on texturing the bunker rooms found within military tunnels, but more progress on that will be shown next week.

World Model OptimisationAlex Webster

More optimisation this week and organising of prefabs. The main culprit meshes are now within our desired budget range. I’m just working through the rest of the list.

SoundAlex Rehberg

I finished up a polish pass over the wolf sounds, and it’s sounding a lot better. Everything sounds a lot cleaner, and there’s a couple extra attack sound variations now.

I finished the sounds for the new revolver, which were really fun to work on.

There’s a specific and hard to reproduce performance issue that we’re trying to track down that’s either coming from code that’s running in a Unity coroutine, or is somehow related to a coroutine, so I adjusted some of the sound system code to remove all of the coroutines from it so we can rule that part of the codebase out. I spent a bit of time testing everything before making those changes and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue we were seeing, but this was a pretty easy way to know for sure whether it’s sound related or not, so I went for it.

I’ve made a few mix tweaks this week too.


Player model aim better representative of where player is aiming
Optimized player animation
Can see when other players are using ironsights
Improved wolf sounds
New sounds for python revolver
Sound mix tweaks
Optimized client side player entity rigidbodies
Resource spawns check for players and constructions in a radius
Junkpiles check surrounding terrain when spawning
Fixed server errors when shooting junkpiles
Improved spawn handler respawn rate using multiple retries (easier balancing)
Allowed “graphics.shadowmode 2” on quality level 2 and above
P250 damage falloff increased
Added Python
Plants visibly grow over time instead of snapping to their next stage
Can take clones of plants
Plants have genetics shared by clones
Plants always have a small seedling visible when planted

RUST / DEV Blog 143
« on: January 12, 2017, 22:27 »

Nicer junk, further optimisation, loot table fixes, and more.

Cost ChangesMaurino Berry

The wood armor was never supposed to need cloth after we added the rope item. This is now fixed and it should be easier to craft. I’ve also drastically reduced the cost of water buckets, as you’ll need them for…

Farming 1.5Maurino Berry

I’ve reworked a bunch of the farming mechanics. It may not seem like a priority, but I’m trying to get old forgotten features ship-shape and ready for prime time.

You’re not forced to do anything differently: if you really want to you can spam lines of hemp/pumpkins outside and it’ll grow just like it used to. However, if you have a green thumb, you can take care of your plants by placing them in a planter (2x growth speed) and give them light 24 hours a day via the ceiling light (2x growth speed), and if you pour fresh water into the planter you’ll notice the soil gets darker (temp effect). As the plants grow they will consume this water. Given enough water over its lifetime, the yield of the plant can double! Salt water, however, will completely dry them out. It’s not complete, we need more artwork and shader features, and I’d like to do a genetics thing where you can clone good plants or extract high quality seeds, but it’s a good enough start. Enjoy!

New Loot Crates + ChangesMaurino Berry

I was resistant to adding full items spawning as I felt it bypassed the component system, but enough people internally and externally expressed their desire for it, so we’re going to run an experiment. I’ve added a new, purple (temp art) loot crate which spawns at junk piles. It can contain hatchets, pickaxes, starter weapons, and some armor. I figure we should start with baby steps and see how it is received. I’ve also changed the probabilities of crates for all the different junkpiles. You’re more likely to find the purple loot crates near cars/trucks, the smaller junkpiles are more likely to have food and oil, and the machinery style ones are more likely to have tier2 components.

Ceiling LightsMaurino Berry

I increased the brightness of ceiling lights by 50% during my work on farming. I was hesitant to do this because we can’t afford to add shadows to them, which means there is a larger chance of light bleed through walls. I tried to find a middle-ground, so let’s see how this turns out. One thing is for sure, your bases and/or grow ops will be much brighter!

Corpse FliesMaurino Berry

Flies at night were using an unlit shader, which meant they were visible even though it was pitch black. This is now fixed.

Junkpile VariantsVincent Mayeur

This week I spent some time remodelling two of our vehicles into wrecks to make more junk pile variants. I also put together several other piles to add variation. The way these spawn on the terrain for now is not perfect, some adjustments remain to be made in that territory.

Truck VariantsDamian Lazarski

This week I focused on finishing the additional truck variants that were shown in an update a couple of weeks ago, as well as some minor polish on the truck cabin and lorry flatbed assets. In addition I’ve made some small optimisations, like giving portacabins proper LODs.

Ragdoll SmoothnessGarry Newman

Our ragdolls have always been a bit jerky. Interpolation didn’t ever work, and this week I found out why.

Here’s an explanation for you Unity nerds: the ragdoll is made up of a bunch of rigidbodies, and Interpolation was getting fucked over when the rigidbodies were the children of other rigidbodies. The fix is to move all the rigidbodies to the root of the object. So now, when you die, the death view is smoother, and when you kill something, the ragdoll will move smoothly.

OptimisationsGarry Newman

I’ve been running around the code looking for opportunities to optimize.

RPCs are functions that are called over the network. For example, when the player shoots, it calls an RPC on the server which shoots. Previously, finding and calling the command was done with reflection. This worked, and is reasonably fast, but it creates allocations. So the very fast way would be to have a function that would say “if we want to call this function, call it”. That’d be a hard thing to do by hand, so I made a code generator that generates this code for us. Now the RPC calls are now as fast as they could possibly be, and totally allocation free.

We had a variable reference script on our HUD. Instead of the code saying “if player health changed, update this text”, we can set that up in the editor, which uses reflection to find a variable to latch on to. This is awesome and makes things easy, but it isn’t fast, and every call was allocating about 20b. So I got rid of it in all our code and coded it the fast way, saving us about 0.2ms every frame.

When you look at something in the game it shows a menu, depending on what you’re looking at. These menus are defined in the code using attributes, and are looked up using reflection. This is slower than it has to be and was causing a ton of allocations. I used the RPC code generator to convert this to the same kind of flat system.

I also fixed a pretty large allocation in the player tick. This was a bug in the code generated by our proto system. It was a small but consistent allocation.

So the main client loop is allocation free now. This adds up to less stutters and memory usage, overall if you have a decent computer it’s debatable whether you’ll see any benefit, but it all adds up.

We still have work to do in other areas, so I’m going to continue down this path for another week to see if I can speed things up.

Item Store ChangesGarry Newman

I’ve changed the item store a bit. We have categories for New Items, these are items added in the last cycle (usually within 1 week). We also have a Leaving Soon category, these are for items that will be removed in the next cycle.

The prices are now set automatically. When they first hit the store the price is the cheapest, then the price increases each cycle, until it reaches Leaving Soon. After that the item is removed from sale.

Currently this process lasts 7 cycles, or 7 weeks. This seems like a fair spot for skin authors, as after a few weeks sales reduce to a slow drip anyway. This means that some skins that were previously taken off sale have come back on sale, and some skins that were on sale are no longer on sale. This system isn’t set in stone, so we’ll see how it goes over the next few months.

Unity UpdateGarry Newman

We’ve updated to Unity 5.4.4f1 (from 5.4.2). This has fixed the command line “-window-mode exclusive” – which allows you to play in exclusive fullscreen mode. Which anecdotally improves framerate.

We know a lot of people missed this feature, so thought we’d point out that it works again now.

Rigidbody OptimisationAndré Straubmeier

I took a first stab at physics optimisation by eliminating 70% of the client side rigidbodies in the world. This means that the physics system has to deal with vastly fewer collider interactions every frame, which of course reduces its performance impact. This is merely a first step and I have a bunch of other ideas to speed this up even more, but most of them are somewhat risky in nature and need some proper testing before we can pull the trigger.

Effect OptimisationAndré Straubmeier

Many of our effect spawns weren’t using prefab pooling yet, which meant situations where a lot of players were moving around or where a lot of gunfire was going on would have a huge performance impact simply due to Unity’s gameobject creation process. I addressed this by making all of our effects compatible with our prefab pooling system, which greatly reduces the performance impact when spawning particle effects and decals.

World SerializationAndré Straubmeier

I started working on a system to drastically reduce loading times. It’s a big chunk of work so I don’t expect it to go into testing for at least another week, but initial tests show that once it’s done we should see our loading times reduced to only a couple of seconds. I’m also hoping to use this opportunity to give modders control over the world generation in a second step, but I’ll post more info on this as things progress.

Culling OptimisationAndré Straubmeier

Alistair noticed that a bunch of meshes, particularly a lot of the loot prefabs and some smaller static rocks, were visible from insane distances. I went over all the prefabs and cleaned them up, which reduces the number of vertices that need to be processed by the graphics card by around 100,000 and eliminates close to 500 draw calls on average.

Magnum Revolver AnimationsMinh Le

I finished the viewmodel animations and sound effects for the new Magnum Revolver.

I’ve also started working on the third-person worldmodel, and should have everything ready to pass on to Helk to add to the game next week.

World Model OptimisationAlex Webster

As Garry mentioned last week, I’m now looking into world model budgets and making sure all assets have the correct LOD counts and setup. We’re not sure on the gains at this stage, but every little helps. Having all assets fit without our new desired budgets Is also a more organised approach moving forward.

Item World ModelsTom Butters

I have another big list of items to go through this week. We’re wanting it so that everything that you can pick up into your inventory and can dump on the ground, the model that represents it isn’t a burlap sack but what it actually is. The list is focused more on resources, like animal fat, coal, HQ metal, cloth, gun powder, CCTV camera etc – so this week I’ve made a good start on these and will be continuing throughout the rest of the week on them.

Sound OptimisationAlex Rehberg

I’ve done a bit of optimisation in the sound system this week. There’s two main places we made some good performance gains at:

First off we’re completely removing reverb zones until you’re actually in them now. We found that, similar to the particle system stuff we discovered recently, disabled reverb zones still impact performance. This has saved us around 1ms a frame (sometimes more) on proc map, so it’s fairly significant. When we first started adding reverb zones to the map there were only a few of them, but the caves added a lot more, which made this perf hit pop up on our radar.

The other spot we’ve made some gains has to do with the way we recycle sounds. Previously we had issues with the game crashing when we stopped a sound and removed the gameobject it was on at the same time, so we had a little delay built in to wait half a second between stopping a sound and recycling a sound. This doesn’t sound like it’d be a problem, but Unity continues updating AudioSources that are stopped or paused, so there was a little bit of overhead. We’re not sure if the crash we had been experiencing was fixed with a Unity update or if it’s just a non-issue because of the way we’re pooling sounds now, but it seems to have disappeared. We’re recycling sounds immediately now which isn’t as large of a perf boost as the reverb zones, but it helps a little bit.

Animal SoundsAlex Rehberg

I continued working on animal sounds this week. I’ve paused finishing up the bear until the new model/animations are done just to avoid doing work twice. All the source material for the roars is recorded, and I have the processing/effects chains set up and ready to go, so all I need to do is arrange everything to fit the new animations once those are ready.

I spent most of my non-optimisation time on the wolf sounds this week. I’ve still got a little bit more work to do on these, but here’s two of the old wolf attack sounds followed by two of the newer ones to give you a taste:

Working on the yelps when a wolf gets injured or dies is still one of the most depressing things.


Optimized reverb zones
Optimized sound recycling
Increased Ceiling Light Brightness
Reduced water bucket metal cost
Added purple loot box
Ceiling lights no longer turned off by water
Increased oil barrel yield but decreased oil barrel spawn frequency
Plants grow faster in Planter Boxes
Plants have an increased yield when consistently exposed to water
Plants do not grow very fast in shade but much quicker in sunlight
Plants grow much faster under ceiling lights
Corpse Flies no longer fullbright at night
Wood armor cloth cost removed
Junkpiles spawns have new variants
RPC optimizations
Clientside menu optimizations
Clientside HUD optimizations
Ragdolls move more smoothly
Fixed player movement issues, especially jumping
Removed unused components from animals
Optimized particle effect spawns using prefab pooling
Optimized decal spawns using prefab pooling
Fixed impact particle effects not playing
Reduced client side rigidbody count by 70%
Removed unused complex colliders from the local player
Fixed performance hits from smoke_1 and smoke_2 warnings on explosion effects
Fixed layers on the bunker room placeholder art (building exploit)
Fixed -window-mode exclusive
Optimized all loot prefabs
Optimized some static rock rendering distances
Added new truck variants
Fixed player preview not working in some cases
Fixed code lock lights wrong in some cases
Fixed rocks changing overall tint when moving
Optimized deferred mesh decals

RUST / Devblog 142
« on: January 05, 2017, 23:55 »

Sorry, but the patch has been delayed to Friday. Here’s devblog 142 to tide you all over until then. Our New Year’s resolution is to add harbours, improve performance, and wipe the servers.

Harbours Are In Vincent MayeurDamian Lazarski

The harbours are in. They will offer loot for the early game fresh spawns, fewer opportunities for snipers compared to previous monuments, and escaping from the area via the ocean. Most of our art is done for these new areas, and we already improved some of the previous monuments using it. However there may be blockers left here and there that we will iron out over the coming days.

OptimizationGarry Newman

Unity’s profiler is pretty broad: it’ll tell you how many vertices you’re drawing, but not really what’s it’s drawing. This is an issue when we know we’re drawing a shitload of triangles, but we’re never really too sure what proportion of triangles is being drawn by what.

So I made a tool. You can run it in game, by typing renderinfo in the console. It’ll pop up an external application and list a bunch of stats. It records every renderer in the scene, then you can group them by mesh or entity, then order them by total vertices. Which has proven really useful to us. Here’s an example:

Here we can see that there are 67 Pookie Bears in the scene, and all of them are being drawn. Turns out Pookie isn’t being distance culled, and it hasn’t got an LOD.

You can also see other problems further down, like five visible torches are 12k vertices. Even though one of them is 330 meters away. Which leads us to find that a bunch of these held and world models don’t have LOD models, or have abnormally high vertex counts.

This has given us a significant list of performance issues to fix. For example, Alex discovered that the Eoka Pistols LODs are configured backwards, so the further away you are from it the more detailed it becomes.

We’ve opened a Trello for it here, so you can see how we’re fighting the fight.

Skin PricesGarry Newman

I put out a group of new skins yesterday. As you’ve probably noticed, the price of the new skins is quite low. We did this last week too, and it ended up making pretty much the same amount of money as when they were all randomly medium and highly priced. This seems to be a good trade-off between making money for the skin’s authors and making a lot of people happy, so we’re going to continue this.

An issue is that people want their bought skins to be worth trading and selling after we stop selling them, so I’m thinking that the prices of the skins will be based on their age: skins released this week will be in our item store for $1. Skins released last week will go up to $2. This should mean that the prices of skins steadily rise until it makes more sense for people to buy them off the market, at which point they can be retired from our store to make room for more skins. Just an idea. Let me know what you think.

Holiday Content DisabledMaurino Berry

I hope you all had a good holiday and a happy new year. The holiday content has been disabled for another year.

Particle PerformanceMaurino Berry

We discovered a pretty major performance bug with particles: when campfires, furnaces, lanterns and ceiling lights were ‘off’, they were still costing almost as much as if they were all on. This included when they were out of range as well. This is because we simply turned off their emission and assumed Unity would do the rest. Turns out this isn’t the case and it’s still doing a bunch of math and logic it shouldn’t be doing. I’ve changed this up so that particle systems that are off, or are too far away no longer incur any CPU cost. This should provide a minor performance increase as you could always ‘see’ several dozen campfires or furnaces no matter where you were on a populated map.

Rendering Optimizations – InstancingDiogo Teixeira

Garry pulled the team together to address performance and we’re starting to get some results. I started by tackling hardware instancing by modifying the shaders to support it. This is a feature that was introduced recently by Unity that allows us to render a bunch of objects at once, the only requirement is that they share the same material and only a few properties change between them.

We started by supporting biome rocks, although some other assets are also taking advantage of it. Next week we’ll be expanding this capability to as many assets as we can.

Please note that these changes are aimed at reducing CPU overhead, not GPU, which is where we are heavily bound at the moment. However, this means you are more likely to notice the improvements if you have a powerful GPU.

NaN ExploitsAndré Straubmeier

There have been a couple of exploits making the rounds that allowed cheat developers to mess up some server side code by sending NaN values to the server. This could in one instance be used to get the server to calculate the new player health as NaN, which essentially rendered the player invincible. Those exploits are now fixed.

Building ExploitsAndré Straubmeier

I fixed various building exploits related to tunnels and caves and addressed an issue that allowed people to place the high external wall in a way that you could get inside the wall from below.

Viewmodel Animation TweaksMinh Le

I decided to fix the way the player was holding some of the weapons in first-person. Some players have commented that the supporting hand looks a little off, because all of his fingers aren’t gripping the gun. I corrected that, as well as tweaked a bunch of animations so they’re more punchy and less floaty.

Magnum RevolverMinh Le

I finished the new revolver model and started rigging it for animation. Here’s what it looks like so far.

3D Model

Bear ReworkTaylor Reynolds

I’ve continued on the bear rework this week, and started on the low poly. Bears are weird things, and their range of motion is pretty remarkable. They’re primarily quadrupeds, but frequently stand on two legs so I wanted to ensure that the mesh had the correct geometry to support both states. Here’s a WIP of how the different states might look.

I did a little bit of testing on how the fur could work too. Before Christmas we’d discussed a couple of options for fur. This is the handmade failsafe option, or the option we use if other options don’t work well. It might never be used, but it’s good to know that if all else fails we’ve still got a decent method of making fur.

SoundAlex Rehberg

I’ve primarily been working on a second pass over animal sounds this week. The bear is mostly done and is sounding a lot better now. Its footsteps don’t sound like a shitty drum machine and the growls sound way more full and detailed now. Those are still my voice, but I’ve picked up way nicer mics than what I recorded the source for the original bear growls with, and that’s made a huge difference to how they sound once they’re processed.

I discovered that the running animations that play when a bear is turning were missing the events that trigger footstep sounds which is part of the reason bears have been so sneaky. We use a blend tree to smoothly blend between the straight running and turning running animations, and previously animation events in layers that were fully blended out would still trigger, but Unity fixed that at some point and I think we just haven’t added events since that happened. I’m including the fix for this this week even though I’m not putting the new bear sounds in yet.

I’ve also done a bit more ambience polish this week. Nothing crazy there really, just trying to get some of the background loops to feel a little less static and more detailed.

I sorted the bug that some of you crafty fuckers were using to make pumpkin lag-switch towers with, tightened up the voice limiting on bullet flybys so that shotgun shots don’t sound quite so crazy, and I also removed the convar to disable sound occlusion this week.


Slowly fade in death screen instead of suddenly appearing
Added renderinfo diagnostic command (windows)
Fixed torch worldmodel high vert count
Fixed hatchet worldmodel high vert count
Fix burlap phys impact voice limiting 
Stricter voice limiting on bullet flybys
Fix bear footsteps not playing when a bear is running and turning
Sound occlusion can't be disabled via the console
Ambience polish
Added harbor monuments to the world generation
Updated various monument assets
Building optimizations
Gib optimizations
Fixed tree base snow piles not culling
Fixed bypassing forced shadows with console
Fixed bunker room building exploits
Fixed god mode exploit
Fixed construction creation message exploits
Fixed high external wall placement exploit
Added object instancing optimizations
Fixed player rock LODs
Added Distance Culling to Beds
Added Distance Culling to Pookie
Added Distance Culling to Rock
Fixed ParticleSystems eating up cpu when disabled

RUST / Devblog-140
« on: December 16, 2016, 01:05 »

Planters, Santa, and more.

Farming 1.5Maurino Berry

I redid some aspects of farming, but we’re not all the way there yet. This patch you will notice that we have added Planter Boxes to the game. They’ll come in both a small and large variety, though only large made it into this patch, and can be placed on the ground or inside buildings. They have easy to use placement guides for plants, so you can sow seeds at their optimal distance. They will also make plants grow 3x faster than if they were placed on the ground outside! Also, all plants must now be placed at least a foot away from each other. Next patch I’ll make it so plants get a bonus from being watered and an even greater bonus from the usage of ceiling lights above them. Seeds also have a small sapling guide to help you visualize where your plants will grow. Enjoy!

Holiday Content Enabled!Maurino Berry

Happy Holidays everyone! We’ve re-enabled the holiday content! For those of you who missed it last year, here’s how it works: every day in game day you’ll hear some jingling bells and a Gift Box or two will appear not too far from your current position. Run outside and smash them to retrieve presents! These presents can be unwrapped immediately for something small, or collected and upgraded to larger ones for a chance at a better gift. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a stocking. Hang it by a campfire and the next time you hear the jingle bells ring your stockings will be stuffed with goodies!

This year I’ve made some modifications so that stockings will only refill if they are empty, and each refill costs it 10% of its health until it’s destroyed. Have fun everyone!

Decal Culling André Straubmeier

The caves added a lot of static projected decals to the world and unfortunately none of them were being culled with the rest of the caves. This had a huge impact on performance, especially on servers that were using bigger maps. I added culling scripts to all of those decals to address those issues. The fix already went live in a small update after last week’s devblog.

Exploit FixesAndré Straubmeier

I’m continuing my efforts to fix exploits and hacks. I’m aiming to get to a point where we have server side checks in place for all weapon functionality before the holidays.

This week I fixed some minor outstanding issues with the server side line-of-sight verification, added verified periodic position updates for projectiles, and addressed some projectile ricochet verification issues. I also tracked down a building exploit inside the natural caves that was allowing people to build inside some of the cave walls.

Updated Santa HatTaylor Reynolds

The old Santa hat was really terrible, so I spent an evening making a new one so you can spread your festive cheer in style. Or murder people wearing it, whatever.

Bear ReworkTaylor Reynolds

I’ve started reworking some of the animals in preparation for the updated AI. There’s been talk about looking at some of the animations, so I want to make sure I can get some blockouts going early on, so that any potential adjustments to the rig can be done before a whole new load of animations are done.

Here’s where the bear is right now. It’s still just a blockout, but it’ll mostly be covered in fur (which is a whole challenge in itself) so I’ll be mainly focusing on detailing the face and paws going forward.

Dynamic Occlusion CullingDiogo Teixeira

It’s long been known that Rust has poor visibility culling. The problem is mostly because we can’t use Unity’s own occlusion system simply due to the fact that our maps are procedurally generated. However, there are some solutions out there that work with dynamically generated worlds, and I’ve been working on implementing such a system.

The new occlusion culling recognizes occluders, like terrain, and allows for fully dynamic occludees. The first version of the system just landed on Prerelease and can be toggable using the console command “culling.enabled 1”. Please note that it’s not improving performance just yet as we’re still testing and validating results. Do expect improvements over the coming days, however.

The image below shows how the system working on our procedurally placed rocks and cliffs:

On the bottom left you can see our current distance-based culling, while on the bottom right you can see the new system working that can cull objects which are not within the camera view or are occluded by terrain.

Rendering OptimizationsDiogo Teixeira

We’ve been getting a lot of reports of poor performance. We’re very aware of the issue and working hard to improve it. I’ve made a couple of changes this week to help improve the situation:

  • Re-enabled Unity’s built-in dynamic batching
  • Optimized deferred mesh decal visibility culling

Nuked Virtual TexturingDiogo Teixeira

You may notice that the virtual texturing performance option is gone this week. Terrain shader optimizations, in the past couple of months, have made the regular shader efficient enough to make virtual texturing not worth the runtime cost. We also save development and maintenance time that will be useful for other, more critical, features.

Grenade Viewmodel AnimationsAlex Webster

This week I’ve been chasing a few bugs. I’ve also set up both the F1 and Beancan grenades to play specific animations when dropping or attaching. It still needs some code love so you can actually see this in game, but the animations and state setup is all in place. Here’s a video until then:

TruckDamian Lazarski

I’ve been continuing with the truck model shown in the last update. I spent some time earlier this week creating a simple interior. Since then I’ve been working on the lowpoly and preparing the mesh for baking. Once that’s done I will begin texturing.

Harbor Level DesignVincent Mayeur

After completing most of our prop art last week, I moved on to completing the harbor levels. While Harbor_1 is almost ready, Harbor_2 still needs quite a bit of work to reach the same stage. I have been working toward that over the last few days.

SoundAlex Rehberg

I’ve just been plugging away at the second pass over animal sounds this week, and working on music a bit when I need a break from that. I’m really happy with how the updated animal sounds are coming along so far!


Fixed water occasionally not visible when exiting caves
Fixed billboard shadows in OSX/GL
Added culling to projected cave decals (performance)
Fixed some minor server side line of sight verification issues
Fixed pumpkin and santa hat being invisible
Fixed partially harvested ore nodes showing up as fully intact
Fixed cave building exploits
Reduced networking MTU size from 1430 to 1400
Added periodic position updates with server side verification to projectiles
Fixed projectile ricochet verification issues
Fixed parts of the bear corpse not being harvestable
Tweaked weapon reload verification
Fixed endless vm bandage bug
Fixed vm flamethrower flickering hand bug
Added clothing world models
Updated santa hat art
Added Large Planter
All plants must be placed atleast 0.5m of eachother
Plants now have a placement guide
Enabled Holiday Content

RUST / 15-12-16 update details
« on: December 15, 2016, 21:25 »
For those who dont like to read :p

RUST / Community Update 116
« on: December 15, 2016, 02:52 »

Ending the year with some great art and videos.


This is the final Community Update of the year, but given that 2016 started with the death of Bowie and Snape–and somehow managed to go downhill from there–let’s not bother with looking back at the year wistfully. Let’s just check the code locks are engaged, the turrets have ammo, and there’s plenty of bear meat on the fire. Now we can all tuck ourselves into our sleeping bags and hope that 2017 shows the previous year how it’s done.

The header, by M.B.M Industries, is one of many bits of art from the Steam Community this week, and one that perfectly reflects 2016. Let’s take a look at some more, shall we?


The DuctTapeBanditen had a real busy week sketching out Rust scenes. Every time I checked, another would pop up, covering everything from the quiet moments in caves to concept art of a robot turret.

Also, I’m throwing this out there as ‘Art’, by Torbina.exe.

You need to update your drivers, mate.

Community Concepts

Over on reddit, FlumTV has spent the past week pitching concepts for additional building parts. Three posts and counting, all adding or remixing some building parts. It’s a fun way to present a bunch of ideas.

I like the bunker window a lot, but I’m not so sure about the concrete rooms. Speaking of concepts, Shadowfrax envisioned fishing in-game.

Think of how far away from people you’d have to be to do this. Finally, Mikillding came up with a new Carbine Rifle Concept that has some nice details.

Thanks for concepting.


You should know by now that, at least in the Community blogs, making the game look amazing is secondary to the community’s greatness. At some point last week, into a deep dive of Youtube, I discovered Spoonkid. Handicapped by playing the game with low settings, editing using Windows Movie Maker of all things, he still manages to produce great little montages of his time on a server. They’re quite odd, idiosyncratic slices of the game, and barely the length of a song.


And Finally…

Sometimes there’s a show called Narcos. And sometimes dearsomeone remakes that show’s title sequence in Rust. This is great.

Here’s what both look like side-by-side… and that’s us for 2016!

Get In Touch

Think you’re working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Share your base designs, show off a game-mode from your server, or if your server has an interesting theme.

There’s a dedicated forum post, or you can fish for upvotes in the Subreddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well.

I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in.

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