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PVP Building Trips and Tricks | TL;DR Guides
By Zacrew
Hello everyone on Ark's Guide section!

I have spent weeks recording videos about building tips, you can find them below. They include double doors, walls, uneven terrain, pits of doom, and more. Hope you find something you are looking for. And drop a sub or share them if you like it :) Thanks everyone for all of the support these past few weeks as I have been making them.

1. How to build Double and Triple Walls | index=1&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N

2. How to build Double and Triple Doors | index=2&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N

3. How to build Double Foundations | index=3&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N

4. How to build Tower of Doom | index=5&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N/

5. How to builld on Uneven Terrain | index=6&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N

6. How to build Flush Pillars | index=7&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N

7. How to build Mega Tank Boat | index=8&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N

8. How to Sink Foundations | index=9&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N

9. How to make Pillar Walls | index=10&list=PL2JHQ3nw3CNw5p3Yt0vZ43qkCJxKZHr8N


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